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All our material is based on Open Stax textbooks, trusted by universities and community colleges everywhere.  So, whether you are using our free curriculum or enrolling in a full-service course, you can rest-assured that your student is building on a solid foundation for their future.

Our Courses

Elementary Algebra I

This is a core Algebra I course with the most essential prerequisite skills for a non-STEM college major.

Algebra II

This is an Algebra II course equivalent to a university-level College Algebra.


This one semester course covers all the essential aspects of trigonometry.


This is a Pre-Calculus course covering college algebra and trigonometry.  Typically intended for student interested in STEM fields.

Professor Hobbs

Ryan Hobbs holds a Master’s of Science in Mathematics, a Master’s of Education in Counseling, and a Master’s of Arts in Church History. He has lectured and universities and community colleges for ten years.