How It Works

Full-Service (Asynchronous) Courses

Full-Service Courses work just like a typical online college course.  Your student’s course is accessed through our Learning Manage System called Moodle.  There, they will find their worksheet and a link to the video lecture.  All assignments (and tests) are resubmitted to Moodle where they will be graded by your instructor (Ryan).  Students can see feedback on their assignments and their grades will be updated in the gradebook.  If your student needs help, they email.  Your instructor will help by email, create a short help video, or direct the student to a previously created help video on the same topic.  Quarterly grades and final grades are provided to you.  Full-Service courses cost $500 per course and last one academic year.  Assignments are only available for the current academic week.  Working ahead beyond the current week is not permitted.

Independent Courses

Independent Courses are traditional homeshool courses.  You will receive access to our Learning Management System, Moodle.  There you will find all of the worksheets, exams, answer keys, and video lectures you need to manage your own course.  A suggested course calendar is also provided.  With this option, students are not able to email for additional help.  However, help videos created for the full service courses will be posted as they are created.  You can email regarding questions related to the course materials.  With independent courses, you are responsible for calculating your student’s grade.  Independent courses cost $100 per course and provide access to the Moodle course material for one academic year.  Our course schedule is recommended, however all assignments are available and students may work at their own pace.